Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Daily" score assignments for chemistry 11/18

Your daily score today will be WITHOUT a partner.  I want to be sure that you stay busy while you are waiting for me to arrive to school today.  I should be there about 8:45 AM - when I arrive you will immediately take your quiz.

Here's what you need to do:
APPLICATIONS:  Take notes as you read the following two articles (you may use the notes on your quiz)
Sunscreens article

Food preservatives

MEMORIZING:  You will only be quizzed on the polyatomic ions today.  If this website below works for you, it will be a little more entertaining way to study.  Select the 12 ions we've learned on the initial page (by clicking the stars), and then choose "scatter."  Before playing, click on the "12 star" button so you don't get all 22 of them.  If time permits, you can also try the space race.

polyatomic ion site